Mediterranean Diet: The Elixir of Life

mediterranean diet


Mediterranean Diet has been characterized as the healthiest options, when it comes to gourmet gastronomy. Through a wide array of high-quality delicacies straight from the orchard to your plate, you have the opportunity to eat healthy and surprise your taste buds pleasantly. It is a feast of flavors and aromas, a culinary journey of the senses to cherish. And it is definitely one of the major attractions for a traveler visiting the wider area of Mediterranean; Greece and Italy, Spain and Southern France, as well as Egypt and Morocco, Gibraltar and Tunis, they all have a rich culinary heritage to exhibit!

Fresh Local Products

Extra virgin olive oil makes it to the top of the mouth-watering ingredients used in Mediterranean Diet. The elixir of life, the food of the Gods, the golden liquid bliss that makes the most of every single dish! It is used as a topping on salads or as a flavor boost in every single Mediterranean dish, improving the composition and of course generously providing its healthy properties to the lucky ones who have a taste!

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the backbone of the Mediterranean Diet. This is the epitome of sustainability, since you only use what is abundant in the garden. You do not force Nature, rather than celebrate its uniqueness. Scarlet tomatoes and juicy cucumbers, zucchini and peppers, carrots and potatoes, along with apples and oranges, grapes and figs, these are just few of the amazing ingredients combined to perfection for marvelous delicacies.

The Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the finest fish and seafood in the world. As a result, you could not expect to get a typical Mediterranean feast without having a taste of sea freshness! Try out grilled fish with a distinctive lemony dressing on top, as well as shrimps and grilled octopus, mussels and oysters. The list goes on and on! Especially when you find yourself by the waterfront, choose the perfect table where you can listen to the waves gently touching the sand and place your order. This is magic!

Of course, a tribute to the Mediterranean Diet would not be complete without mentioning the local wine. A variety of fruity flavors with an exquisite aftertaste, prepared with love and care with absolute respect to antiquity. Wine has been produced in the Mediterranean for over 2,000 years! It is its living soul and a way to keep in touch with your roots…while tasting the rich flavors and smelling the intoxicating aromas of the wine!

Welcome to the Mediterranean! Bon Appétit!


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